What’s Hot with Garage Doors

May 31st, 2013 | Posted by in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

Garage doors have improved over the years and it seems that every now and then we see new developments and new features in modern garage doors. 

  • Keyless Feature

If in the past, padlocks and keys were the only way to secure a door and to keep burglars out, today, garage doors have the keyless feature. The use of coded locks has become popular and has made opening and closing garage doors very convenient. Haven’t we all experienced leaving our keys inside our cars or in our homes and even inside the locked garage? These days, we can avoid that kind of hassle since keys are no longer required. Instead, the homeowner can just memorize a code and that is what he or she punches in the keypad for the garage door to open or close.

  • Rolling Code Feature

Codes have become very popular among homeowners and this very feature has also seen more recent developments. At first, people would input codes that were given by the garage door manufacturer. However, for better security, a recent development of this technology has made it possible to rotate the codes. This means that no same code can be used for each garage door cycle. The homeowners also find this very convenient as they would no longer have to memorize codes since it will be generated for each cycle.

  • Fingerprint Activated

Another more recent improvement is the fingerprint activated garage doors. This time there are no more keys, no more codes, and just fingerprints. How does it work? Well, just like biometrics technology, the garage door will open only when the machine can detect the fingerprint of the homeowner. The homeowner and the other family members will have to register one of their finger’s prints and that is what will be used to open and close the garage door.  It is really very convenient for every homeowner.