Some people want garage door windows and some people just do not see any point in having it. There are people that prefer their garage doors to be made form one solid piece of wood or steel to provide the maximum protection of the garage.

There are garage doors that come with windows and these are available almost anywhere. However, for people that would like windows on their existing garage doors, the option is also possible. There are two ways that a homeowner can get a window installed on their existing garage door and that is by contacting the professional garage door services or by doing a DIY garage door window installation.

But before you decide on the installation of windows in your garage door, here are the advantages and disadvantages of garage door windows.

Advantages of Garage Door Windows

  1. Brighter room, lesser expense. Your garage door now is suddenly brighter with the installation of garage door windows. However, the best benefit here is that you will be cutting on electrical bills since you will only use artificial lighting during night time.
  2. Your originally unadorned garaged door is now more appealing and more attractive with the addition of the window design.  You can choose the design for the window as well as the materials for it. All of these can make your garage door look more eye-catching.

Disadvantages of Garage Door Windows

  1. Breach of privacy. The garage door which used to be closed and made from one solid material is now opened and although the windows are really much, much smaller than regular house windows, there is now a way to look inside the garage.
  2. Professional installation costs. You can do a DIY window installation on your garage door but it is best done by the experts. However, that can be pricey and some people just do not have the money to spare and there is always the possibility of botching a DIY garage door window installation.