How to Insulate Your Garage Door-DIY

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Why is insulating your garage door important? Well, an insulated garage door has protection from outer elements. You won’t have to worry about rain, snow, moisture, and insects entering your garage if you have an insulated garage door.


Here is a helpful guide to insulating your garage:


  • Choose the best insulation material. There are ready-to-use insulation kits and tools that you can buy from the local hardware store or from online sites or you can just buy polystyrene or polyurethane foam sheathing which is a very good insulating material. Other options are weather strips insulation device or the more common and easier to use, reflective foil.


  • Preparation before insulation process. Before doing the insulation of your garage door, make sure that you are dressed appropriately to avoid any accidents. You should also wear the necessary protective gears such as gloves or goggles when insulating.


  • Clear your garage and make space for your task at hand.


  • Measure your door accurately so you can get the right amount of insulating materials that you need for your garage door.


  • Start the insulation process. If you are using the ready-to-use insulating kit, make sure that you read the instruction carefully and follow it precisely. But if you bought the foam and other materials, start the insulation process by cutting the foam according to your door’s measurement. Put the foam on areas or side of the door where air can enter and use aluminum tape to put in in place and to cover it. Repeat the process for all sides of the garage door.


  • After the insulation process, test your garage door insulation. Close your door and check for any air passage. If you find that there is still a passage for air to come in, put more insulation in that area. You should also check for noise reduction. Get in your garage and check if the noise from the street can still be heard inside. Add additional insulation if necessary and if you want more sound insulation.



Different Types of Garage Doors

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There are numerous types of garage doors that are available to you. Different styles and different materials can make for a whole different look for the exterior of your home. Steel garage doors, wood garage doors, aluminum garage doors, fiberglass doors, carriage doors, insulated doors and vinyl garage doors are just some of the garage doors that are on the market today. Each type of garage door is popular and attractive in its own way. Here we will describe some of the different doors that are available in today’s market.

Some people choose fiberglass garage doors because they have the appearance of wood but lack the maintenance that is usually need to keep wood in great shape. Carriage style doors are quite appealing for ranch style houses. Insulated doors provide good air flow when you use the garage for purposes such as a garage apartment or a workshop. Wood doors are usually quite charming and steel provides unparalleled sturdiness. Consider your needs when choosing a brand new garage door for you home. Think about if you want something that is easy to maintain, visually appealing or simply a door that perfectly matches your home’s look. You have many options that are available to you.

Take your time in choosing the right garage door for you and don’t forget to consult a professional as they might be able to provide you with options that you otherwise would not have known about. Make sure that your home is secure and looks beautiful with a trustworthy, tough garage door in the style and the material of your choice. Your home only has one garage so make it stand out and add curb appeal to your home. Your neighbors will certainly appreciate having something nice to look at, too.

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