Which Type Of Garage Door Fits You?

October 24th, 2013 | Posted by in Uncategorized

Choosing the right garage door for you and your home should be given great consideration. After all, you will want a garage door that fits your needs. You can become confused if you just look at garage door websites and browse the internet for garage door designs. You may even pick out a garage door that is totally wrong for you. When choosing your garage door, it is very important that you consider your needs and requirements so that you won’t be easily persuaded by smooth talkers in a garage door shop. Just remember how people always buy the things they do not need just because highly skilled salespeople have been onto them for hours.

Know what you want and know what you need. This should be your mantra as you go shopping for a garage door. So let’s carefully consider the types of garage doors and you should think through what type of garage door is the right one for you.

Roller Garage Door

I’m sure that you are well aware of your driveway’s dimensions. Is it narrow and short or wide and long? If you have a narrow and short driveway, the roller garage door can be the best type of garage door for you. The roller garage door does not require a lot of space as the name hints, the garage door made of aluminum can just conveniently roll upwards. This type of garage door is also remote controlled so you can enjoy staying inside your car while opening or closing the garage door.

Up and Over Garage Door

If you don’t like the roller garage door, perhaps the up and over garage door is more suitable for you? This type of garage door is good if you have a wide and long driveway as it requires space to open and close. The door opens by swinging to the front and moving upward until it is aligned to the ceiling.

Before buying your garage door, it would be best to measure your driveway so you can inform the salespeople in the garage door shop. They can also help you decide the garage door that fits you based on these measurements.

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