Tips For Composite Garage Doors Stain and Finish

July 10th, 2013 | Posted by in Uncategorized

The latest rage in garage doors is the composite garage door. Why is it so popular? Composite garage doors seem to possess everything that homeowners look for in garage doors and these include function, design, and of course, style! The key to having a great looking composite garage door is the stain and finish done to it.

Stain Absorption

The thing to keep in mind about composites is that it will absorb stain just like natural wood. Composites have the appearance of natural wood’s surface and it also possesses the grains, although it is faux. With the correct application of the finish, your composite garage door will look fabulous. Here are some tips to make sure that you apply the finish correctly.

  •  To make a finish that is really marvelous, do some tests on the non-visible side of the composite garage door. The color of the stain may vary and this is where you can test and try to achieve the stain color that you prefer. You can also use a sealing composite to keep the stain color you like.
  • You can also prime the surface of your composite garage door with a dark paint, and then you put on effects later. You can preserve the look by applying some stain to create an old and classic look.

Great Ideas For The Finish

  • After putting on the stain and letting it dry, apply a veneer of protective clear latex coat to add protection to your composite garage door. Outside elements can be very damaging to your garage door’s surface so be sure to give it a durable exterior. Inquire about the finish that works best with your stain.
  •  Ask for the products that are environmentally friendly. These can help make your composite garage door protected while also protecting the environment.

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