What’s Hot with Garage Doors

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Garage doors have improved over the years and it seems that every now and then we see new developments and new features in modern garage doors. 

  • Keyless Feature

If in the past, padlocks and keys were the only way to secure a door and to keep burglars out, today, garage doors have the keyless feature. The use of coded locks has become popular and has made opening and closing garage doors very convenient. Haven’t we all experienced leaving our keys inside our cars or in our homes and even inside the locked garage? These days, we can avoid that kind of hassle since keys are no longer required. Instead, the homeowner can just memorize a code and that is what he or she punches in the keypad for the garage door to open or close.

  • Rolling Code Feature

Codes have become very popular among homeowners and this very feature has also seen more recent developments. At first, people would input codes that were given by the garage door manufacturer. However, for better security, a recent development of this technology has made it possible to rotate the codes. This means that no same code can be used for each garage door cycle. The homeowners also find this very convenient as they would no longer have to memorize codes since it will be generated for each cycle.

  • Fingerprint Activated

Another more recent improvement is the fingerprint activated garage doors. This time there are no more keys, no more codes, and just fingerprints. How does it work? Well, just like biometrics technology, the garage door will open only when the machine can detect the fingerprint of the homeowner. The homeowner and the other family members will have to register one of their finger’s prints and that is what will be used to open and close the garage door.  It is really very convenient for every homeowner.

If you check your garage door, you will notice that the panels are the parts that take most of the beating from your garage doors’ every day cycles. They are the garage door parts that are most shabby and grungy looking after years and years of use. Garage door panels need to be replaced every once in a while so that it does not become a liability in your garage. So before your garage door panels come falling apart, replacing them with new ones might be a good idea. Read this very useful article and get some ideas for your garage door panel replacements.

Inspect your garage door panels carefully and check whether the damages are limited or have extended to all the panels. This inspection is useful to determine whether all the panels need to be replaced or just some of it. Many homeowners would want to economize by replacing only the worn-out ones and not the whole of the lot. However, it is up to you to decide if you want to just change all of the garage door panels.

If you decide to replace just the worn-out panels, you may need to contact the manufacturer of your garage door to get identical ones. This is usually the case for garage doors that are old models. Newer garage doors have panels that can be bought in any hardware.

Another decision that you need to make is whether to ask the professionals to do the replacement or to try and do it by yourself. Check the internet for some DIY tips on garage door panel replacements and you may be able to get helpful tips and step-by-step instructions that you can follow. However, if you want a sure-fire result, just dial the number of a dependable garage door services near your area and enjoy beautiful garage door panels!

Red Flags From Your Garage Door

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With the fast pace of people’s lives today, nobody has the time to do the necessary checkups, repairs, and maintenance. However, no matter how busy people can become, there must always be time allotted for the regular inspection of their garage doors. Garage doors can be a hazard if not kept in the best condition.

For people that do not have the time to check on their garage doors, here is a list of signs that your garage door needs immediate attention from you. Ignore them and you just might find yourself in a garage door mishap! When you see any of these red flags, call the professional garage door services near you so they can give it expert care.

1. You know that the sensors of your garage door system may be malfunctioning if the garage door does not open or close properly.

2. Most garage doors have wall switches in addition to the use of a remote control. If your garage door does not operate with when the wall switch is used, it can be a sign of wiring problems. Check for loose connections on your garage door’s wiring system.

3. Changing the batteries of your remote control is the best way to avoid any problems with using it to open and close your garage door. However, when you have changed the batteries and the garage door system still malfunctions, it could be a transmitter or a garage door opener problem.

4. After you have checked your garage door opener and have found that there is not any problem but your door still does not open, your garage door system may have parts that have been misaligned due to its daily cycles. Another reason for this symptom could also be worn-out mechanisms. Replacements of parts may necessary.

5. In general, any problems in the opening and closing of your garage door will need to be checked by the experts. Contact a dependable garage repair service in your vicinity and have them thoroughly check your garage door.