DIY Garage Door Makeover

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So you have noticed that your garage door is slowly becoming an eyesore in your neighborhood and it can be any day now that a neighbor will make a comment about it. Before that happens, you can actually do a DIY garage door makeover. Perhaps, you are worried about the expenses and the lack of budget for it? Well, you don’t have to continue living with that ugly garage door just because you don’t have the money to replace it. You can change how your garage door looks by making use of the simple things that you already have in your own garage. This method is very inexpensive and won’t require a lot of funds.

The first thing that you have to do is to clean your garage door. Actually, this is the very basic step to any makeover. Cleaning the surface and the edges of your garage door can do wonders and may have already accomplished half of the makeover process. Scrub the surfaces and the panels gently to remove the dirt. Try to remove any peeling paint and sand it too for a smoother feel.

After cleaning, check your garage for leftover paint. If you really have no funds for this project then you can make use of whatever paint color is there in your garage. But if you can spare a few bucks then don’t waste time and immediately head to the nearest paint store. Choose the color that is very becoming for your garage door. Throw in a primer for more protection.

Apply the primer on your garage door surfaces and let it dry for some time. After making sure that the surface is dry enough, apply the first coating of paint, allow it to dry, and then apply a second coating. If you are feeling a little more creative then you can try to paint the panels in a different color that is complementary to your main color. Now, you have successfully done a DIY garage door makeover!


People are going to repair companies whenever they have issues with their garage doors. These issues are no longer resolvable by themselves and so they seek assistance from people who have the skill, talent and expertise when it comes to garage doors.

Yes, it is absolutely beneficial for homeowners because it would be fewer headaches if they choose to have their garage doors be fixed by professionals but it does not mean that they have to be disregardful when choosing a service provider. It is acceptable if most homeowners are too tight with their schedules and so it is important to put extra effort during their first meeting with the service providers. Ask them whatever is running on your mind and make sure that they are able to answer it all for you on the same day. Here are some questions that are important for you to ask.

  1. Insurance. Ask about their permits, certifications or insurances. There are times when companies offer services for people’s garage doors but in the end, you will find out that they are not really licensed to do so.
  2. Ask for Quotation. It is important for you to ask about the pricing and all because that is the very main point that you have to think about. There are some companies that do not charge homeowners for inspection fees. Determine if there are any hidden charges to avoid confusion when the bill comes.
  3. Availability. You have to ask them their availability to make sure that you can set your schedule with them in your free time as well. It is relevant that you are there while they are working with the garage doors.

There are still several questions that you can ask the repair companies about your garage doors. This information mentioned above is a good guide to start working with the repair companies.