The Benefits Of Garage Door Windows

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Why do you need garage door windows? First of all, garage door windows provide natural lighting for your garage. Most garages are closed and being inside can be a little stifling. Nowadays, the garage is used not only as storage space for vehicles but for other activities as well. For instance, many parents have allotted space in the garage for their teenage son’s band practice. Some dads also do workouts with some health equipment set up in the garage and of course, moms use the extra garage space to store other stuff that the family no longer uses but can still be used in the future. All of these activities can be better done in a garage that has ample lighting. While you can use artificial lighting, it can be stuffy and hot. Garages can really benefit from some garage door windows.

Garage door windows can add to the beauty of your garage door. Garage door designs are often similar and not all people have garage door windows. These windows can be lovely and can add appeal to your garage door’s ordinary design. Garage door windows are small and their sizes are limited so that they can provide lighting and still keep the garage safe. Other reasons for limiting the size of the garage door window are to keep it from breaking when the door opens and closes and to maintain the privacy of the garage.

Garage door windows can be made to complement your home’s architecture and design. You can customize your garage door windows too and select from the various kinds of glasses such as stained, clear, colored, etc.

Finally, garage door windows can be very beneficial if installed properly. It gives you natural lighting inside your garage and it makes your garage door much more appealing. However, there are factors to be considered such as the size of the garage door window and the kind of glass and panel to be used in order to maintain security and safety. Ask for professional help with garage door windows installation.

Which Type Of Garage Door Fits You?

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Choosing the right garage door for you and your home should be given great consideration. After all, you will want a garage door that fits your needs. You can become confused if you just look at garage door websites and browse the internet for garage door designs. You may even pick out a garage door that is totally wrong for you. When choosing your garage door, it is very important that you consider your needs and requirements so that you won’t be easily persuaded by smooth talkers in a garage door shop. Just remember how people always buy the things they do not need just because highly skilled salespeople have been onto them for hours.

Know what you want and know what you need. This should be your mantra as you go shopping for a garage door. So let’s carefully consider the types of garage doors and you should think through what type of garage door is the right one for you.

Roller Garage Door

I’m sure that you are well aware of your driveway’s dimensions. Is it narrow and short or wide and long? If you have a narrow and short driveway, the roller garage door can be the best type of garage door for you. The roller garage door does not require a lot of space as the name hints, the garage door made of aluminum can just conveniently roll upwards. This type of garage door is also remote controlled so you can enjoy staying inside your car while opening or closing the garage door.

Up and Over Garage Door

If you don’t like the roller garage door, perhaps the up and over garage door is more suitable for you? This type of garage door is good if you have a wide and long driveway as it requires space to open and close. The door opens by swinging to the front and moving upward until it is aligned to the ceiling.

Before buying your garage door, it would be best to measure your driveway so you can inform the salespeople in the garage door shop. They can also help you decide the garage door that fits you based on these measurements.

There are various sizes in which garage doors are available. These standard sizes are usually available in the market but can be problematic when you own a garage that does not have a standard size. In that case, you can look at various companies to see which one suits your needs. However, most companies now produce many garaged door sizes to fit a variety of car sizes.

One standard size of doors is golf cart doors. These doors usually have measurements of 5 by 7 feet, 5 by 8 feet, 6 by 7 feet and 6 by 8 feet. If you have a garage door opening that is slightly smaller than these measurements, then you should purchase a garage door that is three inches to a foot shorter. Such garage door sizes are also available in the market.

Single car doors are bigger in size. They are available in sizes of 8 by 7 feet, 8 by 8 feet, 9 by 7 feet, 9 by 8 feet, 10 by 7 feet and 10 by 8 feet. The width for these garage doors is the same but if you require a shorter door in height, then such a door is likely to be available in single car doors as well.

Double car doors are the largest since they come in sizes ranging between 12 by 7 feet, 12 by 8 feet, 14 by 7 feet, 14 by 8 feet, 16 by 7 feet, 16 by 8 feet, 18 by 7 feet and 18 by 8 feet. Again, standard width garages are available but shorter heights can also be met by those sizes being available.

Some manufacturers do not offer all these sizes because of the manner in which certain doors are built. Also, extremely windy zones do not manufacture doors that are 18 feet wide. In such a case, insulation would be the best alternative.

To make sure you get the correct measurement, measure the width and then the height since all measurements are stated in the width-height format. If you cannot measure your own garage door, a professional can determine the size for you for free.

Although there are many materials that are used for garage doors, wood is one of the most popular materials. It has its own benefits and drawbacks when wood is used as a material for garage doors.

One of the benefits of using wood as a garage door material is that it can be customized. Most of the materials that are used for garage doors are manufactured in particular shapes and sizes and this can be problematic if you have a garage door entrance that is not a standard entrance. Wooden garage doors can solve this problem as they serve the needs of customers with such problems.

Wood is very stiff which is why it is immune to dents as compared to other materials like steel and aluminum. Materials like steel and aluminum can dent very easily and so wood is easier to maintain in terms of this factor. Wood also withstands scratches and scrapes as compared to other materials.

Wood is also an ideal material for garage doors because wood looks good in any house. Wood always blends with the overall look of the house as compared to other materials. Brick houses or concrete houses can have wooden garage doors that look better as compared with steel or aluminum garage doors.

One of the drawbacks is that wood does not allow insulation. Maintaining temperatures is often very difficult with a wooden garage door. Maintaining wooden garage doors is harder as well. Wood can dry out and can get damaged from the inside. If wood dries out, it can crack and not function properly. Additional expenses will be incurred to paint the wood in order to maintain it.

Wood never mixes well with water or moisture. Rain and excess water or moisture can swell the wood. This could lead to the garage door getting stuck and decaying as well.

Therefore, although wood is ideal in certain circumstances because of its sturdiness and customization abilities, it does require maintenance and if you live in areas that have more moisture, then wooden garage doors are not for you.

The latest rage in garage doors is the composite garage door. Why is it so popular? Composite garage doors seem to possess everything that homeowners look for in garage doors and these include function, design, and of course, style! The key to having a great looking composite garage door is the stain and finish done to it.

Stain Absorption

The thing to keep in mind about composites is that it will absorb stain just like natural wood. Composites have the appearance of natural wood’s surface and it also possesses the grains, although it is faux. With the correct application of the finish, your composite garage door will look fabulous. Here are some tips to make sure that you apply the finish correctly.

  •  To make a finish that is really marvelous, do some tests on the non-visible side of the composite garage door. The color of the stain may vary and this is where you can test and try to achieve the stain color that you prefer. You can also use a sealing composite to keep the stain color you like.
  • You can also prime the surface of your composite garage door with a dark paint, and then you put on effects later. You can preserve the look by applying some stain to create an old and classic look.

Great Ideas For The Finish

  • After putting on the stain and letting it dry, apply a veneer of protective clear latex coat to add protection to your composite garage door. Outside elements can be very damaging to your garage door’s surface so be sure to give it a durable exterior. Inquire about the finish that works best with your stain.
  •  Ask for the products that are environmentally friendly. These can help make your composite garage door protected while also protecting the environment.

Garage doors can be very good investments. Once you have bought a good quality garage door, you now possess a door that you can use for a very long time. Of course, you will need to take care of it so that it can reach and even surpass its expected lifespan. However, many people will agree that a good quality garage door can be pricey and most individuals who do not have the budget will go for the cheaper garage doors that are medium or low in quality.

While many people may frown upon buying used garage doors, it can actually be considered a good buy. Of course, its present state matters a whole lot and you should always check it if it can still be an effective garage door. It can only be considered a good buy if it still offers the characteristics of a good garage door.

Why Should I Buy A Second-hand Garage Door?

  1. You can get a good and fully-functional garage door for a very low price. Many homeowners that have replaced their garage doors for a variety of reasons may sell their old doors for much lower prices. There is a market for used garage doors and you can check out the available types of garage doors and designs.
  2. Used garage doors in the market look practically new! Every month or so, new designs and styles of garaged doors are released in the market and many homeowners that have a thing for the latest in home accessories will generally replace their old garage doors. Most used garage doors have only been used for a short time.
  3. The used garage doors in the market are fully functional and not damaged. Well, if there are damages, these are usually minor and are easy and cheaper to repair.

Purchasing used garage doors certainly has advantages, just keep in mind that the used garage door does not pose any hazard for you and your family.

Garage Door Making 101

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Garage doors can be quite expensive and even the simplest design that is made from the cheapest materials may not be that affordable for people that simply do not have the budget. If you are in this boat, perhaps you would consider making your own garage door?

Actually, there are other reasons why people should consider building their own garage doors. Perhaps, they are very talented with wood or are skilled with metal and steel then creating a garage door can be a very easy and a satisfying project.

Imagine if you can build your own garage door with your own hands? It would be the ultimate custom-made garage door that you can brag about to your relatives and friends. So what are the things that you should consider when planning your custom-made garage door?

  • Measure your garage and know how much material you will need for your garage door.
  • Decide on what kind of material you will use for your door. Would you like to use wood or metal? Or perhaps you would like to try contemporary garage door materials?
  • Prepare the tools that you need. For wood, the usual tools that you need are mostly found in homes such as a hammer, a saw, nails and others. But if you will use other materials such as metal or fiberglass, then a set of special tools are necessary. If you do not have these tools and equipment, you can consider buying them but if they are too costly, what about asking around among your friends if they have that specific tool and if your could perhaps borrow it?
  • Make a design for your garage door and make a plan for its construction.
  • Ask a friend to help you. It could be an easier task and more fun if someone could lend you a helping hand.

Some people want garage door windows and some people just do not see any point in having it. There are people that prefer their garage doors to be made form one solid piece of wood or steel to provide the maximum protection of the garage.

There are garage doors that come with windows and these are available almost anywhere. However, for people that would like windows on their existing garage doors, the option is also possible. There are two ways that a homeowner can get a window installed on their existing garage door and that is by contacting the professional garage door services or by doing a DIY garage door window installation.

But before you decide on the installation of windows in your garage door, here are the advantages and disadvantages of garage door windows.

Advantages of Garage Door Windows

  1. Brighter room, lesser expense. Your garage door now is suddenly brighter with the installation of garage door windows. However, the best benefit here is that you will be cutting on electrical bills since you will only use artificial lighting during night time.
  2. Your originally unadorned garaged door is now more appealing and more attractive with the addition of the window design.  You can choose the design for the window as well as the materials for it. All of these can make your garage door look more eye-catching.

Disadvantages of Garage Door Windows

  1. Breach of privacy. The garage door which used to be closed and made from one solid material is now opened and although the windows are really much, much smaller than regular house windows, there is now a way to look inside the garage.
  2. Professional installation costs. You can do a DIY window installation on your garage door but it is best done by the experts. However, that can be pricey and some people just do not have the money to spare and there is always the possibility of botching a DIY garage door window installation.

What’s Hot with Garage Doors

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Garage doors have improved over the years and it seems that every now and then we see new developments and new features in modern garage doors. 

  • Keyless Feature

If in the past, padlocks and keys were the only way to secure a door and to keep burglars out, today, garage doors have the keyless feature. The use of coded locks has become popular and has made opening and closing garage doors very convenient. Haven’t we all experienced leaving our keys inside our cars or in our homes and even inside the locked garage? These days, we can avoid that kind of hassle since keys are no longer required. Instead, the homeowner can just memorize a code and that is what he or she punches in the keypad for the garage door to open or close.

  • Rolling Code Feature

Codes have become very popular among homeowners and this very feature has also seen more recent developments. At first, people would input codes that were given by the garage door manufacturer. However, for better security, a recent development of this technology has made it possible to rotate the codes. This means that no same code can be used for each garage door cycle. The homeowners also find this very convenient as they would no longer have to memorize codes since it will be generated for each cycle.

  • Fingerprint Activated

Another more recent improvement is the fingerprint activated garage doors. This time there are no more keys, no more codes, and just fingerprints. How does it work? Well, just like biometrics technology, the garage door will open only when the machine can detect the fingerprint of the homeowner. The homeowner and the other family members will have to register one of their finger’s prints and that is what will be used to open and close the garage door.  It is really very convenient for every homeowner.

If you check your garage door, you will notice that the panels are the parts that take most of the beating from your garage doors’ every day cycles. They are the garage door parts that are most shabby and grungy looking after years and years of use. Garage door panels need to be replaced every once in a while so that it does not become a liability in your garage. So before your garage door panels come falling apart, replacing them with new ones might be a good idea. Read this very useful article and get some ideas for your garage door panel replacements.

Inspect your garage door panels carefully and check whether the damages are limited or have extended to all the panels. This inspection is useful to determine whether all the panels need to be replaced or just some of it. Many homeowners would want to economize by replacing only the worn-out ones and not the whole of the lot. However, it is up to you to decide if you want to just change all of the garage door panels.

If you decide to replace just the worn-out panels, you may need to contact the manufacturer of your garage door to get identical ones. This is usually the case for garage doors that are old models. Newer garage doors have panels that can be bought in any hardware.

Another decision that you need to make is whether to ask the professionals to do the replacement or to try and do it by yourself. Check the internet for some DIY tips on garage door panel replacements and you may be able to get helpful tips and step-by-step instructions that you can follow. However, if you want a sure-fire result, just dial the number of a dependable garage door services near your area and enjoy beautiful garage door panels!